RealWheels Hummer Accessories

RealStainless™ Single Tier, Wrap Around Brush Guard Without Inserts

RealWheels provides a more appropriate look for the H2 by using significantly larger diameter stainless tubing to produce these impressive guards, with a custom wrap-around styling. Only RealWheels offers Hummer enthusiasts a LIFETIME Limited warranty, and the confidence of large diameter stainless steel construction. All guards will eventually encounter flying road debris, salt, bugs, off-road brush or other obstacles. Don’t settle for chrome or paint over regular steel that can rust once even the smallest surface chips occur. All RealWheels guards are genuine, American-made quality.

Model: RW301-1-A0102SO
Pricing: $1,604.80 (per unit)

Black Powder Coated, Stainless Steel (not shown): RW301-1BP-A0102SO
Pricing: $1,604.80 (per unit)

Note: This product is a Special Order and may take 4-8 weeks to deliver.