RealWheels Hummer Accessories

The Blue H2

An exercise in excess…This attention-getting H2 is covered in beautifully machined billet aluminum accessories and stainless steel trim. If it’s not chrome, it’s blue! The body, the bumpers and all interior trim is adorned with custom paint, and just in case that doesn’t get noticed, flip the switch and over 50 LED’s jump to life. It’s a looker!

  • Custom “Long Beach Pearl” blue exterior paint with matching interior trim
  • CORSA performance sport exhaust system
  • MKW custom chrome wheels
  • Over 100 mirror-finished stainless steel trim accessories
  • Over 50 LED accessory lights
  • Custom RealWheels Torpedo side-steps
  • Over 50 chromed, billet aluminum accessories
  • Etched stainless steel rear letters
  • Custom laser-cut, personalized door sills

Featured Accessories On The Blue H2

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